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Case study: "Tech Exchange Hub"

Case study: "Tech Exchange Hub"

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My Role:
UI/UX, Product Design

My client was a joint initiative between a large investment network, and the Chinese and Canadian government. I delivered UI/UX for their immense website, community, funding platform, and media channel for technology. My role was to provide mock ups for implementation. We went through a long process of information architecture and user flows, and I had a hand in discussing a revenue model for the site based on these decisions. I benchmarked ecommerce and funding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gust, and others. 

Solid foundations for scalable futures.
Solid foundations for scalable futures.

The platform was to address and connect three target audiences: tech and R&D start ups in Canada, angel investors and venture capitalists, and tech sector experts such as researchers, educators and mentors. Naturally, the structure of the site includes each of these in mind.

Though I was only provided limited information, I understood that a next-gen tech focused platform, especially one that is international, should have an industrial, highly advanced and state-of-the-art brand. Competitors in our research seem to be lacking in this regard, which is where I inclined the marketing edge of my design. Ostrich quickly became a favourite font of mine for the website, providing a unique, energetic, futuristic, yet mature and sleek look. Red was the primary theme, representative of both Chinese and Canadian flags, as the client suggested, with lots of clean edges and translucent overlays.

I created over 50 pages and prototypes under a very tight timeline for account management, payment portals, company and user profiles, project showcases, blogging CMS features, design specs, and style guides. I employed use of Sketch, Photoshop, Invision and Wordpress.


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